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The Official Kelton Zoo Photo Index

Our Mexico trip to see Clay and Sarah's wedding
Fun at the Getty
Easter 2008
Our new deck
Too much Disneyland
We seem to do the Huntington Gardens a lot. This time with the Badt's
Random friends of Stevens
A bit out of order... Xmas 2007
Stevens' family summer party in January (Te's party too). If you have a fast connection, check out the videos.
Huntington Garden Fun
Halloween in Mar Vista 2007
Kids of Summer 2007
Some random 2007 images
Jennifer-Te is 3!
Te and Miles see Arial in fish. Miles is unimpressed.
Xmas 2006
Te and the gang sing Jingle Bells
Maria and Te on their annual girls day out.
That creepy night in October where people dress up all crazy.
Stevens Family BBQ Summer of 2006
Montessori field trip pictures
More summer pictures
We have summer pictures up. Here's one batch
Because I've been slacking, here's some random pictures
Pictures of Te at school.
Random week one and two pictures. Some from Grandma Ann's camera
Miles and his big sister. Oh, and some Pizza too
Miles McCormick Stevens
Ski Trip '06
Te is 2!
Christmas Pictures '05
Fort Byron
Thanksgiving, yogurt, video games and Daddy's new toy.
Spiderman swings into Mar Vista for Halloween 2005.
Euro trip 2005 (London).
Euro trip 2005 (Paris).
Euro trip 2005 (Strasbourg).
Euro trip 2005 (Munich).
Pictures of our now annual BBQ and BDay party for Maria (sorry it's a bit late).
Sage's E3 pictures/comments/links NOTE - There are movies and a pictures link at the bottom of the most recent blog post
More random kid pics.
Pictures of our first road trip and our first ski trip.
Badass pictures of two badass kids.
OK. Here are some more girly pictures.
Uh Oh... more goofball pictures.
This is what happens when dad is responsible for taking care of the little one.
Te's Birthday party photos.
Pictures taken while Grandma Ann was in town.
Our trip to Chicago (October 2004)
The swimming Potato
4th of July BBQ pictures
Some updated Jenn-Te pictures. (03-28-04)
Baby Jennifer-Te's first week
The Purdue house.
I'll update with new 'moved into' pics soon.
Miscellaneous Stevens pictures
Some Jawa Pictures
A Family Twig
Friends...some you know, some you don't
Some quick pics from Xmas in Oregon
Our trip to Santa Barbara
What Happens When a Tech Company Celebrates...
Some pictures of a dotcom lifestyle.

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